Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I join and become coached by OnyxCrypto?

1.) Book a free call with our enrolment team and see if our education and program is a good fit for you - https://www.onyxstrategysession.com/strategy-booking-1

Are your online course programs suitable for complete beginners?

Yes, our program is suitable for all levels of experience, at OnyxCrypto we teach everyday people or struggling traders the right skills, knowledge and mindset to trade the crypto market confidently on their own, most students who join our program are at a beginner level of experience.

Do you trade for us or tell us what to buy and sell?

No, we will never trade for you or give you advice on what to buy or sell, we simply teach you the skills and knowledge needed so you can fish for yourself. Our goal is to teach you the skills so you can learn a life-long skill.

What does Crypto Trading entail, how is it different to other traditional markets?

Trading is the art of buying and selling to make a profit from movements in the market, the market we trade is cryptocurrency, there are multiple positives crypto trading carries such as being a 24/7 market, being the fastest growing financial market and being volatile which means you could be presented with far more opportunities than other traditional markets. You can definitely

Is trading something I can do on the side of a fulltime job or a busy lifetyle?

Yes, only about 5% or less of traders take this full time, most traders hold down full time jobs and use this skill as an extra income stream or side business that they can build on for the long term. We understand most people are time-poor and have a busy lifestyle so we have built our education with this in mind.

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